Join the workplace health & wellbeing revolution

Moxi, a fun and friendly health & wellbeing platform giving employers real-time wellbeing data to tackle the increasing costs of absence and sickness-related underperformance by keeping the workforce connected, active, and healthy

So much more than an app

Health & wellbeing doesn't need to be boring and tedious. Moxi has been designed to be fun and friendly at its core, while being effective and concise. Moxi covers the key pillars of mental and physical health & wellbeing, promoting lifestyle changes and positivity throughout!

Injury Reporting

Our intuitive Moxi injury reporting tool provides cost effective access to chartered physiotherapists – any time and place!

Tailored Plans

After a consultation with our chartered physiotherapist, we can create tailored company exercise plans to tackle high levels of sickness or attrition.


Moxi challenges allow employees to challenge each other to health & wellbeing based challenges. The best way to create engagement, have fun!


Moxi leaderboards create a fun, game-like approach to get our competitive juices flowing! The end result is a healthier and happier workforce.


Moxi integrates with many fitness apps and smart watches, with more being added regularly to make using Moxi as seamless as possible.

Fun Design

One of Moxi's core values is to be fun. We've made sure our user interface is fun, friendly, and easy to engage with.

Extensive Exercise Library

Moxi includes a comprehensive library of exercise and rehabilitation plans, meaning your workforce can access a plethora of expert created plans, from yoga to HIIT, anytime, any place!

Automated Calorie Counting

We've made food tracking easier! Moxi's automated calorie counting tool means staying on track with your bodyweight goals is effortless.

The world’s most forward-thinking companies use Moxi to engage their workforce

Moxi is transforming the health & wellbeing space. By taking away the stigma, and creating a fun, friendly, and unintimidating brand, employees are finally enjoying the health & wellbeing journey! Our vast clinical experience in managing corporate health & wellbeing has resulted in Moxi offering the perfect solution to tackle the preventative approach – while offering intervention when required.



What is stress?

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COVID-19, 1 year on... What's changed?

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Fatigue, low moods, and lack of motivation - Does this make me lazy, or is it my mental health?

Mental health related symptoms are still relatively new to the world, and we are still learning about what to look for when somebody is suffering. The terms lazy and poorly motivated may be words of the past.