Moxi saves companies money!

Using the latest technology, Moxi has been developed to slash the cost of absence and sickness-related underperformance. Take advantage of our tailored approach, and work out the potential savings using the latest research with our calculator below.

All our plans are tailored to fit your needs.

Everyone is different, so why should your package with Moxi. Let us know a few things about your business and we’ll get back with a tailored quote.

All figures are estimated on statistics from the CIPD and British Pain Society

How much could you save with Moxi?

First, how many employees do you have?


Based on the information above, we think Moxi could contribute towards saving you up to…


Frequently asked questions

Do we offer packages to suit businesses of all sizes?

We understand the demands of different businesses, so we offer 4 packages to facilitate this. We offer packages for small, medium, and large teams; for larger corporations we offer bespoke pricing packages. For further information regarding our package pricing, contact our customer success team via the contact tab.

What makes Moxi special?

The Moxi platform offers a new approach to health & wellbeing. By offering a social media-like design, and game-like features, we have revolutionised health & wellbeing. On top of this, our clinical input and cost effective physiotherapy tool means we tackle both the mental and physical side of health & wellbeing.

Does Moxi integrate with smart watches and other wearable technology?

We know that technology is becoming more and more useful when tackling health & wellbeing. We have made sure to make the integration process as easy as possible. Our Moxi platform currently integrates with most popular smart watches, such as FitBit and the Apple Watch. For those who don't use a smart watch, we take your steps from your smart phone's internal pedometer, meaning nobody misses out on the fun!

Does Moxi work on all devices?

We know that there is not just one mobile operating system, so we've made Moxi available to all Android and Apple iOS mobile devices.

Can companies set challenges & leaderboards, and create informative posts for their users?

During the onboarding process with Moxi, your company will be assigned company admins who can create posts, challenges, and leaderboards. This means both Moxi and the company can create bespoke content. Want to create a challenge for the whole workforce? With Moxi it's easy!

What if someone leaves or joins the company?

With Moxi, your company admins can manage your account quickly and easily. Just find the user that has left, and delete them from your company account. This will automatically add the license back to the company, so another employee can join Moxi without the need to contact our support team. Similar applies to adding a new employee, just log in to your account page, and add the new user under the people tab. Easy!