Keep your workforce healthy with our in-house physiotherapists

Moxi offers a cost-effective injury reporting tool, that offers all of its users 24/7 access to a chartered physiotherapist. No need to spend hours on hold, or spend unnecessary time on a waiting list for an appointment, with Moxi your workforce can get the advice and input they need, at the touch of a button. The end result? A healthier workforce, a more productive workforce, and a more profitable workforce.

A screenshot showing a Moxi healthcare professional creating a rehab plan for someone

Increase engagement with challenges and leaderboards

We know how important engagement is for any type of strategy to work. Our gamified approach to health & wellbeing does exactly that. Moxi offers an intuitive and easy to use challenge and leaderboard feature, keeping the workforce connected, active, and motivated. It is clear that when someone isn't active on a daily basis, many preventable medical conditions and mental health issues become more prevalent. The answer? Get your staff motivated to move!

A screenshot showing an employer adding a challenge for their employees

Discover key insights about the health of your workforce

Our Moxi reporting page allows employers to help prevent workforce inactivity and unnecessary physical and mental health disorders by offering key live health & wellbeing insights, meaning employers can stay on top of their employees' health & wellbeing.

A screenshot of the dashboard of the employer portal on Moxi

Send posts at the click of a button

Getting information to your workforce can be difficult, and to specific teams can be even tougher! Our social media-like design facilitates an easy approach to getting information to the workforce fast! At the click of a button, an employer can create a post which will in turn send a notification to all of their employees who they wish to view the post, from there it will show up in the Moxi newsfeed.

A screenshot of how an employer can post content on the Moxi app

Manage your entire workforce in one place

A screenshot showing all the employees in an organisation on Moxi