Stay connected

Moxi offers the perfect solution for colleagues to stay connected, without resorting to 'work-based' platforms. Our intuitive social media-like design allow colleagues to follow one another's profiles, communicate, while being able to share achievements as well as posts to the Moxi newsfeed.

A screenshot of the Moxi app news feed, showing posts from different users

24/7 pocket physiotherapy

Moxi's injury reporting tool means you're only one click away from those niggles being a thing of the past! Let's not forget the best bit, this is all included within the application! There are no fees, no hidden costs, just unlimited access to our team as and when you need it!

A screenshot of the app's injury logging screen

An extensive exercise plan library to get you moving

Our extensive library of exercise plans has been created by experts to ensure you get the best bang for your buck! We've made it our mission to cater for all goals. Want to start some Yoga? We've got it. Want to start some HIIT training? We've got it. Want to to improve your posture? We've got it! To top it all, we are adding to this library regularly, so there will always be something for you to do.

A screenshot on the explore section in Moxi's plans feature

Moxi challenges – let's get the competitive juices flowing

Moxi challenges are designed to make health & wellbeing fun! Want to set yourself a 5000 steps a day challenge? Moxi lets you do it! Want to set a challenge with or against colleagues? Moxi lets you do that, too! Our challenges are easy to set up, meaning you can focus on the key ingredient, having fun on your health & wellbeing journey.

A screenshot of the challenges feature in the Moxi app

Moxi leaderboards

The Moxi leaderboards gets employees moving, tackling the current trend of our reducing activity levels. This means the Moxi leaderboards create a fun and engaging game-like approach to activity, getting you not only moving which helps fight the battle against physical conditions related to poor activity levels, but also promoting the release of positive neurotransmitters which give you that feel good feeling! The end result? An improved physical health, and an improved mental health.

A screenshot of a group challenge to complete 1000km walking distance a month

Making activity tracking easy

Moxi integrates with a number of different smart watches, such as FitBit and the Apple Watch, but also with your phone's internal pedometer. This means there is no need to manually log steps and distance, it is all automatic. Moxi also displays your steps and distance in a clear and easy way, making it a great tool to keep on top of your activity!

A screenshot of someones profile on Moxi showing their nutrition intake for the day

We're here for everyone!

The Moxi mobile app is available on iOS and Android, meaning you can access all the fun regardless of which platform you prefer. If your employer already uses Moxi, use the links below to visit the App Stores and download the apps.

Download from the iOS App Store
Download from the Google Play Store
A screenshot of the Android app's UI, showing the profile screen