Why should employers care about mental health?

We know health & wellbeing costs not only companies money, but in many extreme cases, people their lives. So, let's cast a torch on health & wellbeing and get things moving!

A man grimacing whilst holding the side of his head

There is always going to be research, data and stats around mental health, one thing that will always remain fact, is it provides strong evidence that companies with high levels of mental health & wellbeing awareness are more successful.

According to research by University of Warwick, addressing wellbeing at work increases productivity by up to 12%.

Poor mental and physical health is costing UK employers over £90 billion per year. As a private sector employer, it can cost you an average of more than £1,100 per employee each year.
Vitality, 2019

Good mental & physical health enables employees to thrive. As individuals we understand this and now companies and businesses must acknowledge the importance of wellbeing in the workplace and the responsibility to their employees physical and mental wellbeing.

A company can have all the percentages in the world, all the first aiders trained, but have you really got the basics and the strategy right as an employer? Are you missing the fundamentals such as, talking, physical exercise, keeping employees connected etc?

Workplaces that promote mental and physical health & wellbeing and support people with such issues are more likely to reduce absenteeism, increase productivity and benefit from economic gains.

This is not rocket science and it is not reinventing the wheel. Health & wellbeing is here, it is real, it exists, its affects lives!

There are simple, yet very effective ways to tackle and plan mental health. Moxi was invented for that very cause. Simple, fun, digital, remote, connecting. We also believe that preventing the problem is the problem halved…. at least.

Never has there been more urgency for organisations to champion health & wellbeing initiatives in their workplace. It is still staggering how many employees feel that their employer is not doing enough, simply don’t care, or the health & wellbeing strategy just isn’t working.

We believe we should be looking at the basics and the prevention. People are humans, I would rather as an employer, give you stats and data on “zero percentages” than just a decrease per year. Physical and mental health must be joined. This will lead to better diet, lower levels of sickness, decrease in absenteeism and a huge moral boost in staff.

We encourage all your employers out there to make a plan, implement that plan and don’t try and be to be complicated. We all have mental health in a form or another. It will be around forever. Let Moxi help prevent that….