Why is physical health as important as mental health?

At Moxi, we push hard to show that health & wellbeing should both include physical and mental wellbeing. For us, you can't have a healthy head without a healthy body, and vice versa. Why?

A man in sports clothing with ruffled hair, pulling a disgruntled fact toward the camera

Physical activity has been shown to not only improve one's physical health, therefore helping to prevent diseases such as diabetes and heart disease, but it also improves one's mental health. Mental health disorders can also lead to worsened physical health and a severe reduction in one's daily activity and personal communications. This intrinsic relationship means that staying physically healthy is extremely important!

It is vital that employers start recognising that this easy and simple solution of increasing daily activity and improving physical wellbeing, can massively help employees’ wellbeing, and more importantly prevent a lot of its’ symptoms. Moxi was created for this very reason.

We at Moxi believe, that for a long time now and even back to the creation the NHS, that physical care and mental health care have largely been disconnected. This can be a common issue or even a missed opportunity for employers when creating or mapping out a strategy for their mental Health & wellbeing process or roll out.

Nobody more than us wants to keep beating this drum: “Your body and your mind should not be thought of as separate, but often they are. There is a clear distinction often made between the two. The blatant reality is that poor physical health can lead to an increased risk of mental health concerns just as much as poor mental health can begin to impact and degrade physical health.”

A body cannot survive without the head and vice versa. So, it is imperative that employers start seeing the correlation between physical and mental health. Moxi prides itself on doing just that but making things simple, fun, and game-like.

Showing staff the employers cares, keeping them connected in a non-work-related environment, by adding healthy, fun opportunities, these are only going to be an advantage long term for the employer.

If your workforce is regularly physically active, they will likely:

  • Reduce their risk of a heart disease
  • Manage their weight better
  • Have lower blood pressure
  • Decrease stress & anxiety levels
  • Feel better – with more energy
  • Have a more positive mood
  • Feel more relaxed
  • Sleep better
  • Suffer from less musculoskeletal pain

We see so many employers just thinking that their staff will workout, exercise and walk etc. as standard. Some people need to be motivated. Mental health issues can prevent them from feeling like doing so. Moxi makes everyone, all ages, feel like they belong, part of that team. That turning point to get up and go. This is a no brainer, physical health should be a bog-standard option in you’re A-Z plan. Moxi was created just for this!

So please, start looking at this seriously and close this gap between the head and the body, the gap between physical and mental health. SO MUCH can be prevented by just this simple approach.