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Welcome to the new Moxi new site! Here we will post all things health & wellbeing, while giving you a more thorough experience of what Moxi is all about!

Say hello to Moxi

Welcome to Moxi. We're happy to announce our new website, a key frontier that allows us to continue to revolutionise the corporate health & wellbeing space.

In case this is your first time visiting the Moxi site, you may be wondering:

  • Where did Moxi come from?
  • What is the solution?
  • What is Moxi?
  • Why Moxi?
Where did Moxi come from?

Moxi was founded by a chartered physiotherapist, who had vast experience of managing corporate health & wellbeing. After spending years providing multiple different health & wellbeing solutions, it was obvious that workshops, and other face-to-face methods were outdated and not effective.

We found that providing these services to large companies did not offer the benefits or return on investment due to a few key points:

  • It is impossible to get 100% of the workforce engaged in a workshop or in a face-to-face setting
  • Employees who were intimidated by such topics, or shy, would not engage or attend such events. Therefore the demographic of the workforce we would see attend would be those who are already proactive with health & wellbeing
  • The face-to-face approach was reliant on the workforce being centralised around one office space
  • The workshop would be a one-time event, so there was no opportunity to catch up on missed information
  • It is close to impossible to remember every part of the workshop, so there would be vast areas forgotten by employees, and no way of recalling that information

So, what's the solution?

What's the solution?

The solution was to create an application that ticks all of those boxes!

  • To create a fun and friendly brand that welcomes all, regardless of one's background, views, or personality type
  • Gamifying health & wellbeing to boost engagement
  • An easy to use mobile application that can be accessed 24/7
  • An application that can be viewed anywhere in the world, therefore no need to be in the office
  • All the relevant information to be easily accessed, so that an employee can go back and look through information multiple times

In light of this, Moxi was born!

A graphic showing a spread of smartphones with screens of the app UI shown

Moxi is a revolutionary class-leading health and wellness solution, focusing on improving all the key pillars associated with health and wellbeing. Through our radical new health and wellbeing platform, we’re championing a healthier community, a happier community, and a more profitable workforce.

We've worked hard to tackle the problem, and we think we've done it! Our features include:

  • A social media-like design to keep your staff connected
  • A pocket physiotherapy tool to have 24/7 access to chartered physiotherapy
  • A fun and friendly brand to appeal to all walks of life
  • Creation of challenges & leaderboards to gamify health & wellbeing
  • An extensive exercise plan library, including things like Yoga, HIIT, cardio, and more. We've even included physiotherapy-based plans to improve things like posture, or those achy shoulders
  • Automated calorie counting and smart food scanning, so you can keep on track with your diet. Be that to lose, gain, or maintain your weight.

Not bad?

Why Moxi?

What makes us special?

We are of a firm belief that we should look at the body as a unit, as a whole. It is vital that not only we focus on the mental health side of wellbeing, but also target the physical side. This is what makes Moxi special. Besides the unique branding, the social media-like design, and the gamified approach to health & wellbeing, we want to make sure your body is working how it should be, as well as having resilient mental health.

Using the Moxi platform in conjunction with our wealth of clinical experience, we create a bespoke goal centre approach to improve many key points, including the direct costs related to sickness, the indirect costs related to sickness such as presenteeism, employee satisfaction, and more. Our chartered physiotherapists are able to come to the place of work, and design and plan a bespoke solution to incorporate into the Moxi platform. This ensuring we can be as goal targeted as possible, which in turn results in the best possible outcomes.

Want to hear more?

Contact us on hello@moxihealth.co.uk, and we'd love to give you a chance to see what Moxi can do for your company!