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Health Benefits of Exercise Blog DP



The health benefits of exercise... Let's get moving!

The benefits of exercise are clear, but sometimes these do get forgotten. We are fortunate enough to live in a world where instant gratification is possible, but does it benefit us as human beings?

Exercise can slash COVID fatalities 2 by 3 ratio



Exercise can slash COVID fatalities

Regular exercise has many advantages to our mental and physical health, but many forget the all-round health benefits against chronic and acute diseases, as well as viral infections.

Stress awareness month



What is stress?

As it is stress awareness month, we thought it would be a good time to touch upon the basics of stress. This will be the first of a series relating to stress over the next 4 weeks.

COVID 19 1 year on Whats changed 1



COVID-19, 1 year on... What's changed?

1 year on after the 23rd of March 2020, the day the UK officially announced it's full lockdown. It's important we highlight some of the positives due to COVID-19, as well as recognise the negatives.

Fatigue low moods lack of Motivation depression anxiety Does this make me lazy or is it my mental health



Fatigue, low moods, and lack of motivation - Does this make me lazy, or is it my mental health?

Mental health related symptoms are still relatively new to the world, and we are still learning about what to look for when somebody is suffering. The terms lazy and poorly motivated may be words of the past.

Why Should Employers Care About Mental Health



Why should employers care about mental health?

We know health & wellbeing costs not only companies money, but in many extreme cases, people their lives. So, let's cast a torch on health & wellbeing and get things moving!

Title physical health blog



Why is physical health as important as mental health?

At Moxi, we push hard to show that health & wellbeing should both include physical and mental wellbeing. For us, you can't have a healthy head without a healthy body, and vice versa. Why?

Moxi Languages Post



Moxi, now in 6 languages!

You spoke, we listened!

Say hello to Moxi



Welcome to Moxi!

Welcome to the new Moxi new site! Here we will post all things health & wellbeing, while giving you a more thorough experience of what Moxi is all about!