We're on a mission to keep the workforce connected, active, and healthy!

We're transforming corporate health & wellbeing, by giving employers real-time wellbeing insights to keep employees healthy

Health and wellbeing science at our core

Moxi, a fun and friendly health & wellbeing platform giving employers real-time wellbeing data to tackle the increasing costs of absence and sickness related underperformance by keeping the workforce connected, active, and healthy.

Our values

At Moxi, we take our values very seriously – they are Moxi's personality. We want to make sure that both the employee and the employer get the best possible health & wellbeing experience! Moxi has been built and developed on 6 key values, to be fun, friendly, engaging, accessible, measurable, and science-led.


Health & wellbeing has to be fun! Moxi makes it its mission to keep the workforce smiling!


Moxi welcomes its users with open arms and offers a safe space for those who are on their health & wellbeing journey


Using tools such as gamification, Moxi keeps users engaged with their health & wellbeing


Moxi's user interface is accessible and easy to use, meaning anyone can pick it up and get started!


Moxi collates key health & wellbeing insights, making analysis super easy!


Moxi has been created with science in mind, meaning Moxi is as concise and effective as possible!